Korrgreen Sesame Farm: Nurturing Nigeria's Agricultural Diversity

Korrgreen Sesame Farm, situated in Nasarawa State and Abuja, stands as a beacon of sustainable agriculture in Nigeria. Nestled amidst fertile lands and under the nurturing gaze of the Nigerian sun, this farm exemplifies excellence in cultivating sesame, a vital crop in the nation's agricultural landscape. With a meticulous approach, Korrgreen Farms selects prime locations, prepares the soil with care, and employs advanced techniques for seed selection and treatment. The farm's commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in its efficient irrigation systems and integrated pest management practices.


Step-by-Step: Korrgreen's Sesame Cultivation in Nasarawa State and Abuja

Land Preparation:

Korrgreen Farms begins by selecting suitable land in Nasarawa State and Abuja for sesame cultivation. The land is cleared of debris and weeds, and soil tests are conducted to assess fertility levels

Seed Selection:

High-quality sesame seeds are carefully chosen, considering the local climate and soil conditions. These seeds are then treated with necessary pesticides and fungicides for protection against diseases and pests.


At the optimal time, sesame seeds are planted in rows with appropriate spacing. This is usually done at a depth of about 1-2 cm in well-tilled soil to ensure good seed-to-soil contact


Irrigation and Maintenance:

Korrgreen Farms implements efficient irrigation systems to maintain consistent soil moisture levels throughout the growing season. Regular monitoring and maintenance activities, including weed control and fertilization, are carried out as needed

Pest and Disease Management:

Integrated pest management techniques are employed to monitor and control pests and diseases that may affect sesame crops. This includes using natural predators, crop rotation, and judicious pesticide application.


When the sesame plants reach maturity, typically indicated by yellowing lower leaves and brown seed pods, harvesting begins. The plants are cut close to the ground, and the sesame seeds are collected for further processing.

Processing and Storage:

The harvested sesame seeds undergo processing, which includes threshing to separate the seeds from the pods and cleaning to remove impurities. The cleaned seeds are then stored in suitable conditions to maintain their quality until they are ready for market.


Through these meticulous steps, Korrgreen Farms ensures the successful cultivation of sesame in Nasarawa State and Abuja, contributing to the diversity and sustainability of Nigerian agriculture.