About Korrgreen Farms

Our Story

In 2017, the Chiori family, a close-knit group of 7 brothers, parents, and passionate about agriculture, established Korrgreen Farms Ltd. While our roots lie in Abia State, Nigeria, we've spent generations living and working in the northern parts of the country. This deep connection to the land fuels our commitment to cultivating high-quality crops using sustainable practices.

Beyond Korrgreen Farms, the Chiori family has a diversified business portfolio encompassing the Restaurant Industry, Food Production/Processing, Maritime and Shipping Agency, Fashion, and Music Concerts Production/Entertainment. Our combined expertise allows us to bring a unique perspective and commitment to sustainable food production.

A Legacy of Sustainable Agriculture

Korrgreen Farms Ltd operates across multiple locations in Nigeria, including Nassarawa, Abuja, Niger, Benue, Kogi, and Oyo State.

Our Mission

To cultivate nutritious and high-quality crops using sustainable practices while empowering local communities and fostering a strong agricultural future for Nigeria.

Our Core Values

  • Family - We believe in the power of collaboration and shared success.

  • Sustainability - We are committed to environmentally conscious farming practices for a healthier future

  • Quality - We strive for excellence in everything we grow.

  • Community - We believe in supporting local communities and fostering positive social impact

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are dedicated to responsible land management and implement various sustainable practices across our farms.

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